Leo is leaving the band :(

From Oomph!'s Facebook page:

Leo leaves OOMPH!:

After careful consideration, our longtime friend and colleague Leo has left his job as a drummer with OOMPH, in order to take on new musical challenges.

We wish him good luck and success, and above all hope that he will remain in the world of music for a lot longer!

We want to thank Leo for two decades of fun, 100% loyalty and reliability, and a lot of great humor.

Leo will
play the upcoming festival in Kherson, Ukraine (on 09.01.2012).

Because Leo noticed us in time of his decision, we can assure you that the tour will go on as scheduled, of course! We have found in the meantime a replacement for Leo and in the next few days we will introduce our new drummer here.

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Crap got a tattoo?

Hello all! I recently joined, and after watching the english interview a few posts down, I couldn't help but notice what looked like a tattoo on Crap's forearm. so I did a little digging, and found pictures after About April of 2010 of a blue design...does anyone know what this is? i'm kinda curious cause it looks really pretty :) included some pics.

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Warten ;; Dero/Crap/Flux ~ OOMPH!


So someone finally gave us a listen to "Sieger"!!

Personally? I am in LOVE with it. I love that they're getting back to their EBM roots and, well, this song just sounds much more visceral and 'real' (for lack of a better term). I'm loving it. What're your opinions?

Also, according to Dero, this is only for the ESL, so it won't be on the upcoming album, but I'm sure someone somewhere will post it and it will get out among the throngs of OOMPH! fans.
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Warten ;; Dero/Crap/Flux ~ OOMPH!

Double Threat

Part one is this: We need to update the layout of this community. You out there who are good at graphics? anyone want to give me a hand with this? I give you free reign, the only request I have is that it be a rather recent group shot, and that it say OOMPH! Kismet on it.

Part 2: I found an interview--IN ENGLISH--with the group. Everyone speaks, even Crap! It's just about the new album and themes and other things about the band. The interviewer is French, and well... it's not as bad as the infamous Rammstein Swedish interview, but I can tell that the boys were a bit uncomfortable.

anyway, it's 20 minutes long, so make sure you have time to sit and watch it. And admire Dero's hat.

interview with Oomph by Loud
Hochgeladen von LoudMedia. - Sieh die neuesten vorgestellten Musikvideos.
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-George Takei voice- Oh MY~~

I found the video of transvestite!Dero!

As a warning: You should only view this video somewhere where laughing uproariously will not get you strange looks/in trouble/kicked out....or if you don't care who hears you cackling like an idiot. I spent a full five minutes "recovering". but let me say this, Dero really knows how to work it. Pretty pink border to go with pretty pink!Dero

Many things happen in this video, including kissing, peach!boob nomming, and hip thrusting. you have been aptly warned.
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